Get To The Root Of It All

Well, I guess Spring’s here. It’s been here to be exact. The weather in Washington has really shifted over the years. Not complaining though! Even the flowers at the Tulip Festival have bloomed early.

I recently just started on my re-start of B-school! I’m super excited. Marie Forleo is the expert on crafting a business and life that you love. This will be my second run through B-School and will be focusing on a slightly different trajectory than what was planned last year. Stay tuned for that!

One of the first things that we go over in B-school is to get crystal clear on what you want and why you’re doing it. 

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A Game Changer for Your Business and Life

It's that amazing time of the year again!

No. I'm not talking about Valentine's Day.

Although that can be a special time to spend with loved ones and show you appreciate them. Take some time today and tell those special people you love them.

What I'm talking about is B-School. And if you're already planning on signing up or have completed it then congrats! You are on the right path. :)

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