Beyonce´, pizza, travel, books, hip hop.

These are a few of my favorite things.

<< Nothing like a badly timed selfie to help explain myself, it was taken on a disposable camera on New Year's 2018 before I fell asleep on a couch at the club (before midnight btw!)

Film photography is something that I enjoy purely for fun and like many others, it was where it all started in high school.

About a decade later I've gained learning experiences, the most handy/random skills, an array of jobs and gigs that ranged from weddings to food to architectural to cannabis to the Seahawks and back (if you'd like my full resume then head on over to my LinkedIn). I specialize in product photography and have been contracting at Amazon photo studio for the last 5 years.

My work has been featured amongst:

Seattle Magazine
Northwest Burn Foundation Annual Gala
Puget Sound Bariatrics
DList Magazine
Dope Magazine
Cinebarre Movie Theaters
Skidmore Studios