Welcome to the motherload.

These resources have set a rock solid foundation on everything I know about business, marketing, copywriting, photography, entrepreneurship, and the like.

I believe that knowledge was something that was meant to be shared and passed onto others. So that others down the line can continue to create and innovate. I did not partake in every single training or offering that all these businesses created but I have tried different combinations of things from each.

And I am definitely not saying you have to do all this and follow it to the T to find success. Take what works for you and leave the rest.

Cheers to education!


Business & Marketing

Marie Forleo: Creating a business and life that you love. Internet marketing and entrepreneurship, creator of MarieTV and B-School. B-school definitely has the biggest influence on me and the direction I've been able to take with everything I do. If you're not quite ready to take the plunge and invest in B-school, sign up for email updates and check out her weekly video series, MarieTV. You won't regret it.

Alex Beadon: Online business coach, inspirational entrepreneur and advice giver on online marketing. She has her own trainings and offerings ranging from marketing (The School of Killer Impressions) to blogging (Feel Good Blogging). 

Nathalie Lussier: Digital strategist and online entrepreneur. Nathalie has a fresh spin on things and has content focusing more on list building and launching an online product. Check out her free training, The 30 day list building challenge or her Off the Charts podcast.

Amy Porterfield: Amy is a social media strategist and offers great advice on list building with social media and is an expert in Facebook marketing. Check out her website and sign up for her free webinar on Facebook marketing or her Online Marketing Made Easy podcast.

Laura Belgray: Laura is a copywriting expert and is here to help you with your copy needs! She will be starting an online training with Marie Forleo called, The Copy Cure. You can also contact her directly via her website, The Talking Shrimp. Sign up for her email list and get her free guide, 5 Secrets to Non-sucky Copy.

Rachel Hanfling: Media strategist and communications expert. She offers one-on-one training or an online training program, Media Power Plan. Sign up for her email list and get her free exclusive report on why you need media and how to boost your communication skills in 15 minutes.

Rachel Rodgers: Legal counselor for digital entrepreneurs and co-creator of Small Business Bodyguard, THE resource on everything you need to know front and back about starting and running a business on all things legal, taxes, and paperwork. I highly recommend you buy this resource, you will learn everything you need to know about running a business.

Copyblogger: The best resource I know for all things internet marketing, content marketing, copywriting, SEO and the like. It is an amazing blog that I highly recommend you read/stay up on and sign up for their email list. 



Chase Jarvis: I'm pretty sure no one's surprised that Chase is on here. (Especially if you're in the photo industry. Especially especially if you're from Seattle, Washington.). He has established himself as a well sought-after professional and top blogger for the business of. Great reading for anyone that's starting out or working in the commercial photography industry.

Photigy: Created and run by Alex Koloskov. He has free and paid online video courses on all things product photography. It is the top resource I recommend if you're trying to learn and/or increase your knowledge of product photography and the like.

Zach & Jody Gray: A couple from Nashville, Tn who started out shooting weddings and have grown their business to train and speak all over the country. They offer trainings on running a photo business and wedding photography.

Psychology for Photographers: A surprisingly amazing resource. Jenika is a psychology major and portrait photographer who shares her knowledge on psychology and how that ties into your business and how to better understand clients.


Inspiration & More

The Daily Love: Run by Mastin Kipp. He offers inspiration, tips, wisdom, and more on life, love and happiness. Check out his book, "The Daily Love: Growing Into Grace".

Kris Carr: Kris shares tasty recipes (all plant based), gives great advice on staying healthy, eating right, and wellness. She's put out numerous books including one that I have and recommend, "Crazy Sexy Kitchen".

Gabrielle Bernstein: Gabby is a best-selling author and works on the more spiritual side of things. She teaches how to live a life of vitality and well being through yoga, meditation and wellness and how to run a spiritual business.