I Like to Shoot Things.

That may sound a bit morbid. Technically it is true though.

That’s kind of what I do for a living.

I've never gone hunting and I once seriously STRUGGLED to shoot an arrow out of a compact bow (For the record I have MUCH better arms now - go indoor rock climbing.)

I’m more of the photo taking variety.

One common misconception or common confusion that I seem to encounter with many folks is what exactly is product photography? People get the photography part: cameras, picture taking, it’s nice to look at. But product? So you like to shoot...things? Like still life’s?

Sure. Kind of. Yes.

In the simplest of terms, yes I specialize in photographing things...objects.

To better clarify for those that aren’t very familiar with the topic, as a commercial photographer, I photograph products and create images that showcase the product in the best way possible and help it sell. I apply the photographic technique, education and experience I have to do this.

Ex: Just as an architectural photographer is an ideal candidate for shooting exteriors and interiors of buildings and places, product photography is also it’s own area of specialty and expertise.

To get even more specific I’ve had the most experience with tabletop, so products that could fit onto your typical 4’ x 5’ set.

So I like to shoot things.

How did I get to this conclusion?

People or no people? That was the main question that came up throughout school. For the most part you either like shooting people or you don’t. I’ve noticed this time and time again.

That’s not to say that a person can’t or shouldn’t shoot both things intermittently.

You can if you like.

Most of the gigs I had after graduating involved shooting people in some form or another.

Personally I am much more obliged with styling, lighting and editing for product photography then with those beautiful, living, breathing creatures like yourself.

Now back to products, those photo’s that you see on ANY website that sells something...is product photography!

People need to be able to see what it is they’re buying! Not only do they need to see it but they need to see it as close as possible to how they would receive it in terms of: condition, materials it’s made of, features/functions, color and so on.

If it’s really nice looking (something that’s just aesthetically pleasing to the eye - whether you’re a photographer or not), it will help boost sales.

It pays to have an expert in working with such subject matter to best highlight those features into the photo’s, display it in a manner that is both informative and flattering, and help you sell your products AFAP! (as fast as possible!)

Now product photography in itself can span off into it’s own areas of specialty: jewelry, beauty, catalog, tabletop, food, liquid etc.

It’s all up to the shooter whether or not they distinguish themselves as such and such specialties.

It can and will vary.

I hope this helps bring a little bit of clarity to the field of work that I specialize in and start to bring attention to something that’s always been right in front of you!

Stay tuned for more to come.

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