One Big Reminder When Running A Business

One time I dropped my camera on the floor. It was horrifying.

Thankfully it was onto carpet and it only fell from a height of about 4 feet.

But I still had a near stroke and really felt awful for it, like I’d wounded some delicate animal or something. (It kind of is a delicate animal actually.)

It didn’t even need to happen because I wasn’t thinking and was trying to take it off my tripod one-handed with a cup of coffee in the other. So yes, that was fairly stupid.

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Should You Go To School For Art or Business?

Lately there’s been this big debate about whether or not someone who wants to pursue photography as a living should go to art school OR go to school for business.

The 3 main articles I found on the topic all were in agreement that it was more crucial to go to school for business over photography. I am going to briefly touch on this further and explain why it may not necessarily be the best choice for you.

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