Disconnect Once in Awhile, It's Good for You



That was a soothing, relaxing, kind of “ahhh” vs. a screaming, panicked one.

I recently took an entire week off from work to hit the road and go off and sight see and sort of disconnect from everything. I ended up really disconnecting from everything cause I had awful cell phone service, all the way till Nebraska.

Up until then I had to rely on wifi. I drove around Rapid City, South Dakota for over a half an hour trying to find wifi to map my route to the next stop. So it was a little frustrating at times.

But while I was in Yellowstone national park (I camped there for 2 nights), it was actually refreshing to be cut off from everything. It gave me a real chance to just enjoy the scenery, go outside, explore, and breathe. Not going to lie, it was tough the first day or two without steady internet access.

The stops basically go like this:

Spokane, Wa - for half a day and hit up a Pig out in the Park food event.

Coeur D’alene, Idaho - stayed the night out there and tried Airbnb for the first time.

Missoula, Montana - caught up with my long lost cousin and got to sight see around Missoula.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming - camped for 2 nights and saw almost the entire park.

Grand Tetons, Wyoming - drove through about ⅓ of it en route to South Dakota.

Mount Rushmore, South Dakota - got there just in time before sunset and having to race to Rapid City.

Badlands national park, South Dakota - stayed the night here and spent the next day driving through twice and checking out the amazing landscapes.

Alliance, Nebraska - stop to check out Carhenge en route back to Wyoming.

Rawlins, Wyoming - stayed the night as this was my halfway point to Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake City, Utah - stayed the night and went sightseeing around their downtown.

Twin Falls & Boise, Idaho - brief stops for some sightseeing en route to Richland.

Richland, Wa - my last stop on my way home.

There was a ton of driving and a lot of wide open spaces and empty road (for me to go 80 mph on) in between it all. It gave me a chance to unwind and to embark on my new quest to see the entire United States (before I’m 30, just to give it a real deadline).

I came back refreshed, renewed, and ready to jump back into the swing of things.

For pictures following the journey, be sure to follow me on Instagram @annecho_! I’ll be posting photo’s from the trip for awhile.