Forever Wanderlust

Okay so let me start off by saying that yes, I did not post anything last weekend.

It was the first (and only so far) time that I had missed one since I started the thing a year ago. Yes, on my one year “blogaversary” I skipped a blog post. It was not an ironic statement. I did not have access to a computer nor did I have enough phone battery to knock one out.

Plus, it probably would’ve been rushed or half assed or cranky because I was sitting in very hot heat the entire time. And fair warning, today’s post will be a little bit more on the personal side.

In case you’re not aware of where I was last weekend, I was at the most amazing music festival I’ve been to yet. And that would be Sasquatch! Music Festival.

It was the first time I had been out to the Gorge and the first time in about 7-8 years since I’d been camping. We were out there from Thursday to Tuesday morning. That is a LONG time to be living outside.

I got very dirty, dusty, sneezy, tan, and dancey. Plus a lot of day drinking. (And hydrating of course.)

Got tons of great photo’s which I’ve been slowly sharing via my Instagram account (@annecho_) and Snapchat (those one’s are gone now). Plus I filled up 3 and a ½ disposable cameras that need to be developed. Oh and I brought my Holga.

So it was a weekend filled with a lot of new experiences. I can check off seeing Lana Del Rey off my bucket list. Plus SO many others. Kendrick Lamar. Modest Mouse. Robert Plant. Odesza. etc. And the view of the Gorge with the Columbia river running behind it? AMAZING. AWESOME. FUCKING GORGEOUS.

It was ridiculously hot. Like in the mid to upper 80’s during the day. There were occasional clouds where it’d cool down. A light sprinkling of rain on one day. But besides that, I got very tan. And I was dousing myself in sunscreen at every waking moment. At one point (which I think was Sunday) I laid down on the bare ground and took a nap.

We walked A LOT. It’s probably about a half hour walk from our campsite to the Gorge. So once we got there, we stayed till it was over for the day. We’d be out there from around 4pm to 2am every night except Monday when we were there from 1pm to 2am. So when I got back in town, I wanted to do literally nothing but sit at home and be a vegetable.

We got back at 4am on Tuesday. I was so haggard. Disheveled. Dirty. Out of it. It took me a couple days to adjust to being a normal person again and blend back into society. I went out to dinner Tuesday night at an Italian place nearby and it was glorious. Sasquatch had for the most part, very unhealthy (and overpriced) food. You wouldn’t be able to find a salad in the whole place.

Overall one of the best experiences of my life and I would highly recommend going and seeing it for yourself. Definitely worth going back to and I’m so happy to be living in a place with such stunning scenic loveliness.

And I already can’t wait till my next trip. Which hasn’t been planned yet. But it’s going to happen either way.

Thanks Washington. Thanks Pacific Northwest. You’re the BEST.

The west coast IS the best coast.

Have you been able to get outside and do a little bit of exploring? Even if that means taking a walk down the street or going to a beach or park nearby. Go outside and take a hike! We got tons of those. ;)

The next piece of Washington I’d like to see is the Olympic mountains and the forest over there.

Wherever you go, make sure to fully embrace it and enjoy every second.

Until next week,