Gear Review // Porteen Bags

Can you believe that it’s February already? Time keeps flying by and I keep trying to catch up.

One really cool/terrifying reminder I stumbled across yesterday: You have the same 24 hours as Beyonce.


If that doesn’t put things into perspective than I don’t know what will.

Another saying that scared the bejeezus out of me? The youngest you will ever be is right now. It doesn’t help that I turn 26 at the end of the month.

Today I’m sharing a short and sweet review of one of my latest findings via the internet.

About a month ago I was flipping through a magazine when I saw an ad for Porteen Bags. The ad showed that you could get custom camera bags made and I was immediately intrigued. I went on their website and was preparing my custom order not too long afterwards.

They are all completely handmade by Robyn Porteen in Grand Rapids, Michigan (check out her photography website here).

The bags are made of materials that are made with Martinex original waxed canvas that is water repellant and has a special wax coating. Cleaning is very simple and only consists of wiping it clean with a damp rag.


You can pick a size from small, compact, medium and large. I opted for the compact size. I’ve been really needing a camera bag that’s on the smaller end for when I’m travelling or on the go. Or when I’m in crowded concerts or festivals.

The other bags I have were a little too big and bulky and made it a hassle to have on me when I was out and about. So the compact size was perfect for what I was looking for.

I’m also a huge fan of camera bags being a little more on the stylish side and not just looking like your everyday, typical, black, padded bag/case.

You have options to pick colors for all the materials used in the bag via her handy bag builder on her site. It’ll take a few weeks to a month for it to be made and then delivered to you, so make sure to do this when you’re not in a hurry!

It has been great to try it out and immediately feel the difference. There’s a lot less weight on my shoulder from the strap and heaviness. It’s smaller size makes it easy to walk through crowds without knocking into anyone. Plus it’s pretty stylish looking if I say so myself.

It’s just big enough to still fit my DSLR and a lens or two plus pockets for the smaller items like batteries, memory cards, business cards, etc.

The compact size will go for about $135 plus shipping. So it’s no small purchase. But definitely worth your while if you’ve been looking for a bag that’s more made to your preferences and needs.

Did you find this post helpful? Or maybe you have your own recommendations for camera bags and photo gear. Let me know, I’m a huge fan of shopping! (Plus I’m really good at it.)

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Till next week,