One Key Thing About Your Website

So, I aged another year yesterday.

I’m not going to waste any time being bitter about it because I’m 26 and I’m sure there’s plenty of people out there that might strangle me if I do. But still.

I can’t help but feel a little rushed to “get my shit together”, metaphorically speaking.

But I digress.

Speaking of getting your shit together though, one thing you should make sure to do diligently, is to make your website your #1 priority over anything else online.

Meaning, it should be more important than any social media or other third party websites.

When it comes to third party websites, you don’t get to control any changes that happen within it or what the company decides to do with it.

Facebook is changing their algorithms constantly to optimize for their target market, the regular users. You and I, us as individuals. Which is why organic reach for things like business pages on Facebook, have shrunk dramatically.

From what I can guess in terms of action Facebook has taken with their algorithms, the average consumer doesn’t want to be bombarded with stuff from businesses.

You can never fully control what happens with these kinds of websites. They could one day just disappear and all the work you put into growing a following is just up and gone.

It’s key to always drive people to your own website. One that you can keep in your control (as fully as possible) and maintain consistently. That’s also why you should concentrate on gaining email addresses and maintaining a connection with your followers that way. It’s the most direct way to contact people and is again, in your control.

Of course it’s still good to have followers in other places like: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. That’s where a lot of users and potential connections are spending their time.

But make sure that your website always stays #1.

It’s where they should be able to find the most direct and helpful information about you and your business and what you can do for them.

Did any of this jarble still confuse you?

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Until next week,

Happy practically-almost-Spring time! Here in the Northwest it has been a record warm for our winter. (Not a good thing for those who like skiing or snowboarding in the mountains.)