A Game Changer for Your Business and Life

It's that amazing time of the year again!

No. I'm not talking about Valentine's Day.

Although that can be a special time to spend with loved ones and show you appreciate them. Take some time today and tell those special people you love them.

What I'm talking about is B-School. And if you're already planning on signing up or have completed it then congrats! You are on the right path. :)

Now I know not everyone wants to hear about this. Maybe you're sick of hearing me talk on and on about how amazing B-School is and what it's done for my business and life. If that's still the case, feel free to skip my post for this week. It's going to be all about my awesome experience with Marie Forleo.


When I stumbled across Marie Forleo by accident at first I was skeptical. Who is this lady with the fancy big hair, booming personality, and sometimes over the top Youtube videos?

Let me say that I am one of the biggest skeptics out there. I also lean more towards being a realist. I'm sarcastic, overeat, overspend, under budget, and like to watch copious amounts of tv. So why would a pessimist like me like Marie Forleo? She's the business leader and entrepreneur that does things authentically, openly, and with humor. She's also incredibly good at relationship building and networking, so it's hard not to like her. She literally built her now multi-million dollar empire off of a winning personality.

She's the marketing genius I've been looking for and the kind of creative and spiritual entrepreneur I truly admire and respect.

B-School is an online video-based training course that teaches you how to create a business and life that you love. It goes over everything you need to do to build an online business. Registration is only open for a small window of time in the beginning of the year and your first time through will be live with Marie and her team who will be available for help along the way. They release it in modules week by week and you're able to participate in weekly live calls for Q&A's and join her online community and official Facebook group for support.

But the best part about it is that there is NO time limit on when you need to complete it. You have lifetime access which means you will be able to access the latest version every year and can take the course at your own pace.

She is a firm believer that every person out there has gifts and talents that should be shared. And if you don't pursue your dreams and do what you're meant to do in this world then you are doing a disservice to those that need you most.

Registration officially opens February 18th and will only be open for enrollment for a limited time before it is closed for the rest of the year! Marie has a complimentary 3-part video training series to help you get started. I urge you to give these a chance even if B-School isn't a good fit right now.

B-School was a game changer for me and how I run my business. It gave me the clarity I needed and a deeper understanding of what marketing really means and what it can do. Last year was all about learning and growing as a person and as a business owner. This year will be going towards implementing everything I learned and taking action.

All in all, if you're looking to take your business to the next level or start one from scratch, this is what you need. There are tons of entrepreneurs that I follow that are B-School alums and are offering their own bonuses in addition to when you buy B-School through their affiliate links. Here are a few: Nathalie Lussier, Mastin Kipp, Amy Porterfield, Laura Belgray, Christa Meola, plus many more.

Trust me. You want this. You really really do.

You're welcome.

Until next week,