3 Simple Steps to Help You Follow-Through

Mercury is in retrograde again. I’m not trying to sound overly mystical or spiritual here. But it’s happening. And if you happen to notice anything going haywire involving communication, travel, or technology, well, you know why.

As January starts to near the end, we’re already looking onto our 2nd month of the year.

By now, you’ve probably been diligently following your New Year’s resolutions. Or maybe you’re part of the 25% who weren’t able to stick it out after a week.

Don’t feel guilty, it’s a common issue. Change is hard. Change is hard to keep up with indefinitely. I, myself always slip here and there. Anything involving eating healthier can take a back burner to the pizza that’s being delivered to my house.

Plus, with mercury in retrograde and all, this is the best time to pause and reflect, reassess, and renew. (And backup all your important data!)

So what are some ways to make sure you’re able to start and finish your goals?

Here are 3 super simple ways to help yourself follow-through and get stuff done.

1. Make it known.
The easiest thing? Telling someone (or multiple people), like a close group of friends or coworkers. Announce it online or in a forum or Facebook group. Pencil it into your planner or calendar. Make it a concrete thing so you’re being held accountable. Find accountabilibuddies!

2. Make sure to have micro-goals as well as bigger ones.
Not everything should be just about the big, major goals. Plus you need smaller, more daily to weekly to monthly goals aligned to push yourself towards the bigger ones. Being able to consistently accomplish the more manageable day-to-day tasks will continue to motivate and carry you to the next step.

Oh but make at least one goal realistic enough to accomplish but still big enough to scare you.

3. Engage more in the community.
Speaking of accountabilibuddies (I didn’t make up the term, South Park anyone?) having some kind of peer group, close group of friends, colleagues or mastermind group is a great way to talk and hold each other accountable. Being able to get together and trade tips and brainstorm ideas is a HUGE part of self-improvement and growth.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be in person either. Online forums, social media, blogs, and Facebook groups are just some examples.

Not to mention you can learn a ton and network when you go to live events with speakers or conventions, conferences, and festivals.

These are just 3 starting points for helping you follow through. What are some of your own ways to make sure you get stuff done?

Share them in the comments!