5 Awesome Things I've Learned from the Seattle Seahawks

Okay so this may seem like a Seahawks crazy fan girl post, but bear with me. It goes much further.

In a nutshell, I never fully understood how football worked up until a couple years ago when I was asked to shoot the Monday Night Football events at the Cinebarre. Then I had the opportunity to hang out, meet/work with some great people (and Seahawks players) and watch the games. I was hooked.

And more or less, the rest is history.

Former Seahawks player Mack Strong speaking with host Mike Brown at the Cinebarre.

Former Seahawks player Mack Strong speaking with host Mike Brown at the Cinebarre.

Is the whole “bandwagon” label thing starting to get old? I would say so (but then again I’m also a noobie fan). Read more on why we should all just get along here via Seattle Met Magazine. 

Since that time up until this point, I’ve learned a few key things just from being a part of this whole football craziness.

Here are my top 5:

1. Camaraderie
You can call it whatever you want; community, comradeship, etc. Never in my life have I seen such a large (sometimes OBSCENELY large) group of people come together and share in the fun. And I mean people from everywhere. All walks of life, all over the country (and world), regardless of status, ideals, beliefs, or any other factor we typically separate ourselves into.

High-fiving a complete stranger after we just scored a touchdown? Pretty much mandatory. Freaking out and screaming like a banshee on crack together when Kam Chancellor does a 90-yard touchdown reception? Normal. When a ref makes a bad call, the entire bar is cursing and groaning.

The Spirit of the 12’s is a real thing. It’s almost brought me to tears on more than one occasion (I just get this huge, overwhelming feeling of connection when I watch games sometimes).

I mean we’ve broken records for the loudest cheer. We registered on a nearby seismograph when “The Beast Quake” happened. We’re here. We’re loud. And we’re together. Deal with it.

2. Competition
Now it’s obvious that this is a competitive sport (and industry and career and what have you). The Seahawks are extremely competitive with each other but in a healthy way. The team has really come together more than ever and they constantly push each other to be the best and work hard.

It’s paying off. And showing immensely.

Competition is a great motivator and tool for you to keep going and to never stop yourself short. Giving it your all and supporting each other in the process can cause amazing things to happen.

And a little competition is a great thing to have in the workplace (or most places for that matter). Not to mention these good ol' Hawks give a big boost for the local economy here in Seattle.

3. Perseverance
Even when the Hawks were going to the Super Bowl, every other person was saying they didn’t stand a chance. The Seahawks have widely and commonly been regarded as underdogs and a team that most have never taken seriously. But they kept it pushing. They ignored the negative criticism that was thrown at them every step of the way.

And that right there, makes it worth even more to be a 12.

Don’t ever let someone else’s opinion get in the way of achieving your goals and following your dreams.

Everyone that wasn’t a Seahawks fan thought they didn’t stand a chance to the Broncos in last year’s Super Bowl. Clearly anything is possible.

4. Humanitarianism
There are quite a few players on the team that are involved in at least one charity organization. Many have started their own. A few examples are: Richard Sherman’s Blanket Coverage, Earl Thomas III’s Guardian Angel Foundation, Marshawn Lynch’s Fam 1st Family Foundation or Russell Wilson’s work with the Why Not You Foundation (and he still regularly visits Seattle Children’s Hospital).

Maybe some feel like they’re obligated to do these things. Maybe other’s are convinced they’re only doing this for good press. The only thing I have to say to that is, stop hating and start doing something more meaningful with your time. The Hawks clearly have already accomplished that to the T.

They have demonstrated that they are all for giving back to the community, helping out those in need, and showing appreciation to the people that matter most to them, the fans.

And that is something we all should strive to do more of.

5. The Pursuit of Happiness
If there’s one thing that you should pick up from all this football mayhem, it’s the culmination of all these points. The Seattle Seahawks have shown time and time again that if you truly want something and work tirelessly to achieve it, it can be done.

Don’t let negativity bring you down or discourage you from wanting something. Any and every person is deserving of success and happiness. It’s just going to take some dedication, consistency, and time.

It is a constant practice to keep picking yourself up and moving forward.

When things get tough, just channel your inner Marshawn Lynch and Beast Mode through that bullshit. I mean that’s probably what he does.

Seahawks DE Michael Bennett signing autographs for fans.

Seahawks DE Michael Bennett signing autographs for fans.

Does anyone else feel this way as a fellow 12th fan (or in your respective fanbase) or am I just crazy? Share your thoughts! And share this post if you think it’s worthwhile for others to read. :)

And I write this post on the eve of our big NFC Championship game.

So with that being said, GO HAWKS!!!!