One Big Reminder When Running A Business

One time I dropped my camera on the floor. It was horrifying.

Thankfully it was onto carpet and it only fell from a height of about 4 feet.

But I still had a near stroke and really felt awful for it, like I’d wounded some delicate animal or something. (It kind of is a delicate animal actually.)

It didn’t even need to happen because I wasn’t thinking and was trying to take it off my tripod one-handed with a cup of coffee in the other. So yes, that was fairly stupid.

Thankfully there’s only a handful of times when I had a momentary lapse in judgement when handling things like expensive equipment or belongings.

Like that time when I was setting up in the photo studio at school and a boom stand (a larger more heavy-duty kind of light stand) wasn’t balanced properly (they have a weight on one end to balance out the large light source you’re putting on the other) and fell over with a bare light bulb on it.

Of course it smashed and shattered all over the floor.

Of course it cost me about $200 to replace.

And of course this was when I was still a fairly new student and I was absolutely mortified, not to mention broke.

If there’s one key thing you should remember when running a business, it’s that sometimes things break. It may or may not be your fault but that shit happens.

The best thing you can do is deal with it, don’t let it ruin your day and move on.

Don’t let dropping your camera on the floor make you feel like you literally just dropped an infant child on the ground. (Cause that’s WAY worse.)

Another really good thing to do? Get equipment insurance. ‘Cause sometimes you might break something kind of expensive. Or really expensive.

But any business owner can agree that it’s bound to happen to you one day or another. Take it as an opportunity to learn, get your ducks in a row and handle/prevent it better the next time around.

We all make mistakes and it’s what makes us human beings!

It’s also one of the most crucial ways we learn and improve.

It would be wrong to NOT learn from it.

All the biggest innovators, inventors, and entrepreneurs alike made a TON of mistakes. And they continue to on a regular basis. How you handle it and what you do with it is what will separate you from the competition.

Still scared to put yourself out there? Read this incredible article from Entrepreneur magazine on Nintendo’s business and how it’s managed to last 125 years.

Have you ever had a similar situation where you broke (or almost broke) something really expensive or near and dear to your heart?

Ever made a mistake in your business and didn’t necessarily deal with it in the proper manner?

It’s okay. We’ve all done that at one point.

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Anne “the not-so clumsy human being” Cho