Constant Learning is a Gateway to Independence.

One major factor in continuing my growth as a person is continually learning new things.

And these things don’t have to be big or complicated.

Just merely learning something new can and will open doors to new ideas and possibilities and even opportunities.

It can also be fun, I swear.

Because you have this amazing option to learn things that...wait for WANT to learn!

Here’s something new that I learned: Trader Joe’s sells pumpkin macarons. Granted, they’re frozen but still SO good. I love everything pumpkin flavored. Yeah. I’m one of those people. (On top of the pumpkin macarons I also bought pumpkin butter, pumpkin pancake mix and canned pumpkin.)

In this day and age, you can find tutorials, how-to’s, videos, articles and more all over the internet on pretty much everything.

You have access to a wealth of knowledge and potential that those before us couldn’t have imagined.

That’s not to say an old school education at a college isn’t worth it. If you have a way of reasonably affording it, college is a great stepping stone to your learning experience. I really believe that you should learn in every way that you can.

Personally, I learned a great deal from being in school. That is what really set up the foundation to everything I know about photography. From there I was able to figure out the remaining gaps in my education specifically pertaining to running a business. The vast majority of my knowledge of business and marketing came from resources I stumbled across online.

Outside of school, I highly recommend immersing yourself in the immenseness of the internet and just start looking for the resources that really call out to you.

In between my t.v. binge watching, I follow a multitude of businesses and people I admire on social media whilst curating helpful information through my own social media, have a constant backlog of magazines, articles, podcasts and books (I literally have 50+ books and counting that I’ve bought and still need to be read) that need to be absorbed and am in the middle of a few different online training programs ranging from legal, business, internet marketing, and copywriting.

Don’t panic! It’s a bit of a system I’ve had in place over the course of the past year. Yours will vary. You could call me a bit of an information hoarder, if that makes you feel better.

Some great places to start? Check out CreativeLive or Lynda. They have some great video based tutorials covering anything from music production to photography to business to arts and crafts.

There’s so much going on in the world at all times, a lot of which will impact you directly or indirectly.

It’s good to stay in touch with current events.

One of Marie Forleo’s strongest beliefs is that education is the pathway to freedom. As do many others. Richard Branson recently had a great interview with Forbes on his 3 most important leadership principles, the #2 being learning.

Just get out there and start learning. Pick up something new. Try out that new activity you’ve been curious about. And as always, keep an open mind along your journey. Hold onto the information that really resonates with you and leave the rest. It may get overwhelming on which one thing you should do over another. So it’s good to ask questions, research, check testimonials and get recommendations from others.

One of my most favorite quotes:

Ultimately, your quest for knowledge and path to happiness is solely up to you and no one else. You will make mistakes along the way but that in itself will yield some of the greatest life lessons. Let education open the doors to more opportunity, creativity and contentment.

Stay present, breathe, and remember to take it all in one day at a time.

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