Awesome Reading List - How to find your strengths!

Happy August!

I can’t believe it’s already August.

What have I been doing all summer?!

Oh yeah. Working.

And having fun when I can.

One thing I like to do regardless of the season is read. I read fairly regularly and often and it’s one of my most favorite activities. It’s only very recently I started reading more books geared towards business and work.

I’m really glad I did. It’s been extremely helpful and surprisingly, pretty fun to learn more about business, marketing and the like. So every once in awhile I will write a short review on books I would highly recommend you add to your reading list. And trust me, if you’re not a reader, you should try to make it more of a habit anyways. It’s good for you!

One of the #1 books I would recommend is one called “Now, Discover Your Strengths” by Marcus Buckingham and Donald O. Clifton, Ph. D.

This is a fantastic book to help you learn what your innate strengths are as a person. These are strengths that you are naturally good at and do regardless of training or skill level. It’s a great way to distinguish your natural talents vs. skills and knowledge you learn over time.

Be sure to buy a new copy of the book as each one has a unique one time use code in the back that will give you online access to the Clifton strengthsfinder test which will tell you your top 5 strengths out of the 34 dominant “themes” they’ve developed. Don’t take this test lightly, this test is based off of 25 years of a multi-million dollar effort to identify the most prevalent human strengths.

This book really helps you understand who you are as a person and as a worker and/or manager. You’ll learn how to really apply your natural strengths to what you do in your personal life and career and be the best that you can be.

In case you’re wondering, here are my top 5 themes:

1. Intellection - Which basically means you like to think a lot.

2. Input - You like to research and collect things like information.

3. Adaptability - You adapt easily and quickly to changes and live in the moment.

4.  Empathy - You can sense emotions of others around me and can really understand the perspective of others.

5. Connectedness - You understand that we are all connected in some way and things happen for a reason.

This is an amazing tool to show you what you are innately good at! Which are things that you are good at without even trying. It’s just something that is a part of you and you probably never even stopped to think that it could actually be used to benefit you!

So I highly encourage you to add this to your reading list. If you don’t have a reading list then this should be at the very top!

Click here to buy the book now.

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Until next week,

-Anne “the bookworm” Cho