That Thing That You've Been Dreaming of...

Okay maybe that sounded kind of inappropriate.

What I’m talking about is that DREAM product that solves a major problem in your life that feels like you’ve been waiting FOREVER for.

Has anyone else managed to discover something like this?

I’ve been fortunate enough to experience it.

A miracle happened. The solution that you’ve been waiting for appears. The clouds part, angels sing and a magical harp is playing in the background. Your prayers have been answered!

That’s how I felt when I found Squarespace.

No joke. I really wanted to cry tears of joy.

Because here is a website builder that had ALL the features and solutions that I wanted to include on my website and was SO easy to use and customize. It really was a dream come true.

Because before that, I spent YEARS trying out different hosting sites and site builders. A lot of them were fine or useable but always lacked a few pieces I really wanted to have. Or it’d be a giant hassle to customize or get certain parts to work properly.

Overall, a very frustrating experience.

So when I happened to stumble across Squarespace one day (and it was by accident) it was like a dream come true.

You’d think it wouldn’t be that hard to find a decent place to create a website but it can get pretty complicated. At least for me, it was tough finding one that would do all the features and customization that I needed.

A good website nowadays means A LOT. I am constantly tweaking and adjusting mine.

The average person spends about 15-20 seconds on your website before leaving!

So make sure you have only the best content you can provide. Here are some things I’m constantly checking over and updating:

1. The Content

This is the most obvious section. Gear this content towards your target market. Things that they would want to see/read/hear and keep them engaged. For creatives this would definitely include some kind of a portfolio above anything else. This can be whatever it most relevant for your business: pictures, videos, podcasts, blog posts, etc.

2. The Bio

This really makes or breaks whether or not someone can trust you or wants to work with you. You need to state as simply and clearly as possible, why they should care that they’re on your website. Make it is as professionally written as possible (if you’re writing it yourself) or hire someone to do it for you. And it really helps to have a nice photo of yourself as well, people like to know what you look like!

Most importantly, keep it current. Check over your copy. I’m always tweaking mine, what works one day may not work later down the line.

3. The Look

Make sure all information is current and up to date, all links work and images are showing up, and everything is running smoothly. I wouldn’t recommend posting too many things that take people out of your website.

Outside of those things, everything else is up to you.

Do what works for your business and eliminate everything else!

One thing I like to do after updating my site is to come back to it after a few days to a week and look it over as if you are visiting it for the first time. What’s appealing and not so appealing? Anything confusing or irrelevant? Any spelling or grammatical errors? Does everything work?

Are you interested in acquiring your own beautifully made, custom website?

Check out Squarespace.

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One thing that I will leave you with is this lovely piece of wisdom I heard recently while re-watching "Boy Meets World". A great reminder for me when I heard it yesterday on the 4th of July. 

Till next time.

-Anne “kind-of web savvy” Cho