You Probably Have No Idea What I'm Doing.

You really don’t. I mean seriously.

And this isn’t about me being a smartass or a know-it-all or about ego or proving myself.

I’m just saying.


Just like how I have no idea what a plumber is doing or a construction worker or a plastic surgeon or an interior designer.


And that’s okay.

It’s supposed to be that way. Noone can know how to do everything.

If you do then you probably aren’t particularly good at ONE thing.

And you kind of want to be. (And when I say kind of I mean you REALLY want to be.)



You can still pursue other activities (hobbies) but don’t strive to be an expert on everything.

Because you’ll end up an expert at nothing. And I know that sounds cheesy but it’s 100% true.


I would never claim myself as an expert on...let’s say, shooting weddings. Or babies for that matter. Or boudoir. Or architectural. Or pets.

Now as for products, I can shoot that sh*t. Pretty damn well.

That’s what I’ve been specializing in since finishing school back in the end of ‘09.

And yes, photographer’s typically specialize in one type. It doesn’t mean they can’t and won’t shoot other types of photography, but it’s not their “niche”.

It takes time and knowledge and lots of mistakes to master an area of photography and do it well. Photography is not a one size fits all umbrella of experience. Just like pretty much everything else out there.

You wouldn’t hire a foot surgeon to do work on your brain. You wouldn’t call a newborn photographer to shoot your event.

Okay you probably get my point now.

It’s way better to hire someone who specializes in that one thing vs. the one who claims they can do it all.

Cause even if they could do it all, would you really want them to? Really??

Hope this helps start to widen your perspective on the photographic world. If you know someone that should hear this then SHARE!

Till next time.

-Anne “Stuff Shooter” Cho