The Universe Really Could Have Affected My Workflow.

Try to get a grasp of things outside of science or logic. Just intuition and the human spirit.

Do I sound a little weird?

That’s actually just normal for me.

Anyways, Mercury’s in retrograde.

Yes, you read that correctly. I made a reference to something going on in astrology. And try not to panic if you’re not into that stuff, it’s not going to be a common thing. But I would like to touch on this subject just for today.

So before you close out this page, just think about it. Mercury is in retrograde.

If you’re wondering what that means and why it even matters, well, I’ll tell you.

A couple times a year Mercury passes Earth in it’s orbit and from our perspective through a telescope it appears that Mercury is spinning backwards. Mercury is known for ruling all things communication, travel and technology.

This has been going on since June 7th and ends July 1st.

And I’ve quite a few issues the last couple of weeks pertaining to many things communication, travel, and technology. On several occasions. And still is.

And I’m not really trying to blame any of it on Mercury in retrograde. But it’s interesting to see a connection, isn’t it? I like to try and find a connection (if there is one) and what kinds of effects that has on us and our world and our connection to one another.

Also while getting through a lot of that I realized how much I rely on technology. I mean my living literally depends on technology. It would be impossible to do what I do without a camera, lights, computers, programs, INTERNET (that’s in caps because it’s really important), not to mention my cell phone and car. It’s kind of staggering once you step back and look at it all.

Have you seen the tv series Revolution?

It’s a series based on what civilization would be like if the entire world lost electricity for good.

I would be very unemployed.

And kind of not very helpful in a post-apocalyptic setting.

Are you 110% ready for Mercury to not be in retrograde anymore? I am. I’ve been ready.

Are you 110% done with post-apocalyptic storylines? I am not. I am a big Walking Dead fan by the way.

Are you 110% dependent on technology like I am? We should meet up and pool our remaining skill sets together and start a support group in case of an apocalyptic like disaster.

If you would like to read more about Mercury in retrograde then click on the link below:

Have you experienced any communication, technological or travelling issues lately?

If so then take some time to reflect, renew, and review during this retrograde and even if you don’t believe in all this astrological madness, it’s still nice to take time to refresh. Right?

Maybe some people you know should also get the opportunity to realize that they’re not just going crazy? Share this post! It’s good for you. And for the people who think they’re going crazy.

-Anne “technology dependent” Cho