This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things.

We all do it. We all tend to put a lot of things on the back burner because we can’t afford it or it “doesn’t fit into your budget” or you just don’t want to part ways with your precious precious money ‘cause you’re financially freaked out about life.

And then sometimes we learn the hard way that that was a stupid decision.

I’m not going to say it happens to everyone but it happens A LOT.

Case in point: getting equipment insurance. (If you’re someone that has equipment that you NEED to run your business.)

Why? Because if this is something you do for a living then you should make sure you’re protected from things out of your control. Like people robbing you. (And things breaking.)

If you can’t financially replace things, like photo equipment, out of your pocket after suffering such a situation then technically you are out of business. These things are your tools and without your tools you can’t work. Pretty straight forward.

It happened recently to someone I know, you can read about it and take a look at some of the things that were taken (and keep an eye out).

Maybe that really scared you into getting insurance. Maybe you still could care less and are going to continue living in the reckless, crazy part of life.

Either way, I got equipment insurance. Partially because I was freaked out about losing my gear and partially because it was something I was putting off for a long time because I was broke. But I’m going to be more broke if I lose things that help me make a living in the first place.

Interested in getting some for yourself?

Go here: and sign up as a “Professional Active” member and get it complimentary as part of the membership.

Or you can get it somewhere else, it’s a free country, I personally don’t care where you get yours from. I got mine from PPA.

An additional step you can take is download an app called Lenstag.

It’s a database of any kind of photo equipment that has a serial number that’s been listed by others as a way to protect against theft. You can look up serial numbers to things you’re thinking about buying, you can list your own gear and it’s serial numbers, etc.

Losing stuff sucks. Especially when it’s your stuff.

If you’re reading this and you are someone that steals people’s sh*t, could you try to rob like, a meth dealer? Or other burglars? You know, people that don’t really deserve to have nice things.

Also, if you’re reading this right now then you’ve read this entire blog post and should share it so others can also reap the rewards. Like having nice things.

See that picture up above? I shot that, with my nice things that I have.

-Anne "Fully Insured" Cho