Thoughts on That Old Adage of Community vs. Competition

Lately I’ve been observing a ton of other businesses and entrepreneurs (of all different industries) and have noticed a few key things.

One of which is something that I believe we all need to work on once in awhile. Or maybe we just need a refresher on the stuff.

Many entrepreneurs, freelancers and small business owners alike can all agree in saying that they’ve been caught in between these 2 areas of being. It’s a conflicting place to be in and hard to assess when/where is the right time for one over the other.

What I’m talking about is our sense of community vs. competition.

We all tend to get caught up in making sure we are taken care of, we have all our stuff in order, and we are going to be okay. I can agree that there have been points where I felt paranoid about sharing my knowledge or experience on all sorts of things (like my

And yes, it makes sense to not divulge certain things considered “trade secrets” but at the same time, we all tend be overly paranoid and overly cautious. It’s time we started to take back our sense of competition and that “every man/woman for themselves” mindset that traps us and holds us back.

It’s a fine line to balance between competition and community.

What do you share and what do you not share?

I, myself can think back to several moments where a friend or acquaintance or teacher would give me what would end up being amazing or life-changing advice. And it was because of their kind-hearted sense of being and openness to sharing knowledge that can potentially impact us all in a positive way. And that in turn creates a ripple effect that touches everyone around us.

It is key to continue to reinforce this idea of community and that we can all better each other by sharing ideas and brainstorming together. This is a key factor in innovation. By sharing ideas or knowledge we have a chance to build on each other, continue to improve, and elevate everyone to a whole new level of life. You’d be surprised at how life changing having a group of like-minded people together can be. Oh and you know, evolution is kind of important.

One of my most favorite things that Neil deGrasse Tyson touches on in “Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey” is that a key part of the advancement of science was sharing ideas with each other and working together. Putting that knowledge out into the world so that someone else out there could take it further.


We need to work together in order to help each other grow, advance, and set up future generations to do the same.

Now that’s not to say that competition is a completely terrible thing. Competition can be a great motivator to push yourself further, give it your all, and not stop yourself short. Competition is a healthy thing to have in your life. Just make sure not to let it all go to your head.

Stay grounded, be present, and just breathe.

It’ll take a lot of time and experience to be able to balance it all out. But we can help each other get there faster.

So what are some ways that we can get a jumpstart on all this?

Get together a group of friends or coworkers or colleagues and just start talking. Brainstorm. Get ideas and opinions on what’s going on in the world. Join an online community or forum. Start to truly engage with others on social media. Go out to networking events or conferences and experience being surrounded by individuals who are seeking the same results as you are. Set aside times out of the year for a mastermind group.

And remember that continuing to share and put yourself out there will not only inspire others to do the same but it’ll help you grow and learn in the process.