Your Business Needs Strong Core Beliefs

I’m sure a TON of us have all thought this at one point or another.

Hopefully for not too long though.

We thought, “Oh, starting a business isn’t that bad. I’m sure it’ll be easy.”

Only to find out in sometimes the toughest ways that that’s definitely not the case.

Whether that was simply filing for a business license and assuming that’s all you needed or that it would just “pick up” fairly quickly.

If you managed to persevere through the first few hurdles, you know that it takes everything you have (physically and mentally) to successfully run and maintain a business. Not to mention funds and/or resources.

It is A LOT of work. Period.

I should just end the blog post right there. The end.

I’ve learned this countless times, not just from running my own business (2 at the same time at one point) but also from working for others. Every job I’ve had has been a huge lesson in what I do and don’t want for myself and my career/work life. And I should know, I’ve had quite a few part time jobs.

But let’s get back to all this talk about starting a business.

One of the first things you NEED to do is to figure out your core beliefs for your company.

It’s been said time and time again. Multiple times from multiple people. I can confirm this as I've done a multitude of workshops, online trainings and research this entire year. They're all stating the same thing.

And I just spent most of my weekend at Oprah's Life You Want Weekend Tour. It was phenomenal. And she too confirmed these things. (If Oprah's saying it, it's pretty much fact at this point.)

Figure out what you believe in. How does that work in to your business?

I feel that it’s key to try as much as you can to do good in this world. Whatever that may mean to you. It is an amazing opportunity that should be seized as much as possible. That positive energy you put out into the world will inspire and influence others. What do you believe in? How can you make that shine through your company and be the driving force behind it?

Can you take entrepreneurship, innovation and genuine goodness and harness it towards a force for positivity and change?

Food for thought.

Without these strong beliefs driving your company, everyone involved will start to hit a lull in their work. You'll know what I'm talking about. That feeling deep down inside that's telling you this isn't working or quite what you wanted it to be. You start to feel lost or drained or just plain unhappy. People love to work for a higher purpose, a greater cause.

Take time today to really dive inward and figure out the answers to those questions.

Did this post help you get started on the right path? Maybe it's simply inspired you to put more optimism and energy towards your current present day situation.

Till next time,