What Can Quality Product Photography Do For Your Business?

You may be wondering, “Why should I care?”

Or maybe you’re just plain confused as to what product photography is.

Why does it matter to you?

Well when we order pretty much ANYTHING online, there is a very high chance that it was photographed by somebody, edited by somebody and uploaded onto the interwebs by somebody. (I only say high chance because as of late, Ikea currently has 75% of their catalog images made via CGI. More on that another time.)

Let’s hope that that somebody had some type of knowledge, training, practice, or whatnot to create those images. Because whether or not we know it outloud, subconsciously we like to look at and see high quality images vs. lower quality or bad quality.

It’s more pleasing to eyes, yes?

A well lit, composed, and crafted image is not only more enjoyable but will definitely be a better sell.

Because first and foremost, you want an accurate image of what it is that you want to buy.

What does that mean?

For example, you want a photographer to understand the principles of white balancing because that makes sure your image is coming out color correct. What that means for you is that we are making sure the image you’re looking at is as close to how the product actually looks in real life. So you can make a well thought out buying decision and have a higher chance of satisfaction with your product and the company you’re getting it from.

Nothing’s more annoying than ordering something online, waiting for it to arrive at your house and discovering that it’s not the right color, texture, shape or size. ‘Cause who wants to deal with mailing it back and waiting some more?? No one! As an avid online shopper I can attest to this.

A product photographer’s job is to make sure they are delivering their product (the photography) in a high quality, professionally lit and edited format.

If your business is primarily retailing (whether that’s in a brick-and-mortar store or online or both) then this should really matter to you. Plus, it just gives your business an overall more professional and official feel. People start to take you seriously. Ish starts to get real.

Here is an example of a shoot that I did recently.

And here is an example of one of those wine bottles, shot with my iPhone 5S, some white cards and a handheld LED light.

You can tell that there is a huge difference in your visual experience between the two. One is going to be an overall better sell and will give your business a higher end look and feel.

This may seem like two different extremes but let’s be real here, that’s how varied and random the internet can and will be.

I hope that begins to paint a better picture of what the commercial photography industry can do for your business and how that directly affects your connection to your customers and clients.

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Until next week,