Sin City and My New Travel Partner

Wowee it is FREEZING outside right now. I mean really cold.

I woke up and it was 19 degrees outside this morning!

It was okay though, I got to warm up in the best way possible by making myself a cup of hot tea and heading over to 24 hour fitness in Bellevue and taking an energizing yoga class from Tara Stiles herself who was visiting for the weekend promoting her newest book.

Starting the day off with something healthy and good for your body is always the way to go.

Check out her newest book that just came out, Make Your Own Rules Diet.

Today I have a lovely, light little post about my recent trip to Las Vegas with some photo’s taken on my brand new Canon G1 Mark II that I got to test out while visiting. The majority of the images were taken at the Life is Beautiful Festival in Downtown Las Vegas where I got to see so many awesome performances, speakers and try some amazing foods and my adventure along the infamous Strip!

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Now to start off with, overall I really enjoyed using the G1 Mark II.

In terms of portability, it wasn’t too heavy or bulky and fit easily inside my purse (with the carrying case). I had it packed in my suitcase and had that checked in at the airport and it traveled perfectly fine.

There were so many different kinds of food and drinks that you could get. One of my favorites? The three way partlay from Strip Cheeze. Yup I got a killer grilled cheese from a place called Strip Cheeze. 

It was easy to pull out quickly, switch on and take a couple pictures if I wanted to capture something that was happening in front of me right away.

The quality you get out of the imagery was pretty damn good as well. I was zooming in pretty close for a few of the shows that were taking place and you can still get plenty of detail in there!


Here is the view from the top of the hotel that I stayed in, The Stratosphere. The view was jaw dropping.

The camera itself had some handy functionality where you could do manual settings, aperture priority or shutter priority. It was pretty interesting to adjust f-stops and shutter speeds using the dial that’s around the lens. You could also choose to shoot fully automatic if needed.

It has an on-camera flash (which I actually didn’t get around to using) and a snazzy LCD screen that’s 3 inches wide and can flip around (for all those killer selfies). The camera itself is a 13.1 megapixel goodie with a decently sized sensor for such a compact point-and-shoot. It is a bit more of an investment (average retail price is $799).

I loved walking around Caesar's Palace! The architecture was gorgeous.

My only thing that I noticed? My neck was getting a little tired after having it hang around for a few hours. So it’s not the lightest camera in the world to be toting around, at least not for longer periods of time. But overall, a great travel camera.

Oh and one of the best features? It has built in Wi-Fi that can connect directly to my phone and transfer photo’s straight off the camera if I want to post to things like Instagram.

One of my favorite parts (and first things I did when I got into town) was seeing Marie Forleo herself! Which was also the main reason I wanted to go to Las Vegas in the first place. The image below is of her interviewing with CEO's of Zappos, Tony Hsieh and Fred Mossler.

I wish I could've taken a gondola ride at the Venetian...but there's always next time!

Las Vegas was an awesome experience. Even just walking around on the Strip and gazing at all the architecture and nightlife all around me was an experience in itself. And I got to check one more state off on my list of places that I hadn't been to yet!

Do you have your own recommendations for travel friendly cameras? Maybe your experience with the G1 Mark II was totally different from mine? Let me know in the comments! 

Until next time,

The Flaming Lips did one of the best performances. Crazy stage set-ups and costumes!