Where Do You Find Inspiration?

One thing I am always on the hunt for is great sources of inspiration.

You can never have enough.

And if you're looking pretty closely or remaining very present in your life, you might start to notice it all around you. 

It can be anywhere and everywhere. 

You can call it mindfulness, being present, carpe diem or whatever. 

I've found that it really gives me motivation to go above and beyond in all aspects of life, whether that's work or personal. I have a huge amount of respect and admiration for anyone that goes out and pursues what makes them happy. It helps give me the strength to do the same and go out and take risks and be vulnerable.

One of my favorite sources of inspiration? Social media. If you're following the right profiles or liking the right pages, you are opening yourself up to a HUGE wealth of information that's out there. 

One handy thing I like to do is create what's called "Lists" in Facebook and Twitter. You create a list by adding the people and profiles you want information from and categorize/name it to your choosing. In Facebook I have lists for Photography, Business and Health/Wellness. That way if I can find articles or updates from select topics. It's a great way to filter out stuff you don't necessarily want to scroll through all the time. 

Now to totally contradict that previous statement, one place I LOVE to just mindlessly scroll through is Tumblr. Why? Because there's just the right mix of news articles, stories, facts, quotes and funny meme's. Yup I like funny cat pictures. 

Lately I've been able to go out and see lots of speakers in person and I have to say there's no better experience then a live one. Last week I got to see Mastin Kipp from The Daily Love come out and do a mini workshop while promoting his new book "Daily Love: Growing Into Grace". It. Was. Amazing. And inspiring. And empowering.  

I am currently visiting in Las Vegas, Nevada and went to see a few speakers at the Life is Beautiful festival. I had the honor of being able to catch Marie Forleo (The room was at capacity but I managed to talk the girl into letting me in anyways). Amongst so many other awesome people. Some of whom were people I hadn't known of before that day. But I'm so glad that I stayed and listened to their stories. It was beyond inspiring. One man's talk, Giles Duley, brought me to tears. It seems kind of ironic that one could find such inspiration in Sin City, but that just goes to show that it really is anywhere and everywhere. 

Just open yourself up to the opportunities and possibilities that may lay ahead for you. 

With that being said, I cannot wait to see Oprah when she comes to Seattle in 2 weeks. (Yes, THE Oprah Winfrey.)  

Where are the places you are able to draw inspiration from? It could be a website, a book, a place or a person or if you're like me, it's a combination of all of the above.

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